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BX4 Evo

Maximum space for multi-day trips and Transalp-touring with a full 30 liters of volume. Thanks to the 5-way adjustable fitting system, our „Adaptive Carrier System“ load compression principle and its „Ergonomic Pre-Shaped Fit“ (removable back panel with 3 individually formable aluminium rails), the backpack can be precisely adapted to each rider’s anatomy. The 4-way size-adjustable (quick-adjustment via thumb loops) and a wide hip belt distribute the load comfortably and relief the shoulders. This way all your equipment is held close to the torso and can be transported wiggle-free.

The BX4 Evo features 3D-Spacer-Mesh where contacting the body, ensuring maximum breathability. The multi-functional front flap is suitable for storing a helmet, wet clothes or other equipment. When not in use, it can be tucked away nicely. In addition there is an optional Sports Camera Chest Mount, which can be attached to the BX4 Evo via loops. Includes a rain cover in the bottom compartment. HiLumen reflector applications provide more safety during rides after dark.

  • 1 main compartment with easy 2-way access (top and bottom), subdivided by a removable floor and two mesh inside pockets
  • 1 fleece-lined pocket in the main compartment
  • 1 large front compartment with 3 inside pockets (mesh) and a key-pocket
  • 1 small front pocket (easy access via zipper)
  • 2 large, elastic side compartments with several pockets for tools and a pump
  • 2 large, elastic hip-belt pockets
  • 1 pocket for maps (in the front flap)
  • 1 hook loop for a smartphone pouch on the shoulder strap
  • 1 pocket with a rain cover in backpack’s floor
Price $ 199.95(Without VAT**)
€ 199,95(With VAT**)


  • Space miracle for every adventure
  • Top comfort even fully loaded
  • Fits everyone perfectly


Optimal Storage System

Ideally arranged pockets and compartments

For trips tasing multiple days, the organization of your pack is ke! The BX4 Evo has many well thought-out compartments, mesh pockets and dividers for quick access. The organization includes a large front compartment with 3 inner mesh pockets and a key pocket, a small zipped pocket on the front, two large elastic side pockets with tool compartments and pump pocket, two large elastic hip pockets, a map pocket (in the front flap), a loop for the smartphone pocket on the shoulder strap and a pocket with rain cover in the bottom of the backpack. It’s your multi-day pack that has a space for everything!

Ergon backpack BX4 Evo with many practical inside pockets.

Multifunctional Frontflap

The slightly different helmet holder

The BX4 features a practical front flap for the helmet or wet clothing. When this flap is not in use, it can be easily folded up neatly and secured with Velcro. This allows you easy access to the lower portion of the divided main compartment at any time.

The front flap of the Ergon BX4 Evo offers additional storage space outside the backpacks.

Back Cushion

Comfortable and ventilated

Comfortable padding ensures maximum comfort at the contact points and provides optimal air circulation, which contributes to excellent ventilation of the back.

Ergon backpack BX4 Evo with ventilated back padding.

Hip Belt with Pockets

Comfortable load distribution

The wide hip belt distributes the load comfortably and relieves strain on the shoulders. It contains two elastic zipper pockets, perfect for your mobile phone, keys or other small items allowing for easy access at all times. Two thumb loops allow the belt to be easily adjusted with just one hand.

Ergon backpack BX4 Evo with practical hip belt.


  • BIKE
    “The Ergon BX4 EVO is storage wonder! It offers a total of 22 compartments and subdivisions. The structure of the pack is excellent.”

    – BIKE 06/2020, mark: “very good”

  • Mountainbike
    “Even with the highest payload, the elaborate carrying system of the BX4 offers top carrying comfort. (…) Perfect organisation and handling thanks to many useful pockets and compartments.”

    – MountainBIKE 06/2018, “Test winner AlpenCross- backpacks”

  • BIKE
    “With the BX4 Evo, the ergonomics experts are launching their new space miracle for multi-day tours.”

    – BIKE 09/2018


One Size Fits All

With the completely revised 5-way adjustable carrying system, the back length of the pack can be easily adjusted to fit sizes S to XXL.

Ergon backpack BX4 Evo with 5-fold adjustable carrying system.

Adaptive Carrier System

Thanks to the „Adaptive Carrier System“ the backpack fits as one to the body throughout every maneuver on the MTB. The self-adjusting harness support pulls the lower part of the backpack over the shoulder straps closer to the body making the fit ergonomically ideal for every rider. Additionally, the hip belt can be shortened to the desired length as needed.

Ergon BX4 Evo backpack with Adaptive Carrier System.

Ergonomically flexible aluminum rail

The flexible aluminum moulded rail nestles ergonomically against the back. This plate can be easily fine-adjusted at any time.

Ergon BX4 Evo backpack with flexible aluminium shaped rail.

Self-adjusting shoulder straps

The movable, self-adjusting Ergon shoulder straps optimally form to the body shape of each rider. This provides a stable connection of the pack to the rider, even at the lower back. The construction is particularly robust due to its aluminum D-rings.

Ergon BX4 Evo backpack with self-adjusting shoulder straps.


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“I don’t care if it rains, if the sun shines or whatever: As long as I ride my bike, I’m the happiest person on earth.”

— Mark Cavendish

Technical Specifications

BX4 Evo
All-Mountain/Trail, MTB-Touring
2000 g*
One Size
approx. 30 Liter l
Nylon, Polyester
Rain Cover
$ 199.95(Without VAT**)
€ 199,95(With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.

Adaptive Carrier System

Ergon BA and BX Series

Ergon shoulder straps, featuring load compression, stabilize and support the pack weight from the bottom.

Traditional Backpack

With traditional shoulder straps the backpack hangs from the straps. The load being carried is unstable and moves while riding.

Perfect Fit Backpack

  1. Exact fit can be achieved through the 4-Step back adjustment.
  2. Self-adjusting shoulder straps stablize the load, which is supported at the lower back.

Contour Fit Aluminium Bar

Body-specific adjustment to form tot he rider can be made by the moldable aluminum bar.