BA3 E Protect

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BA3 E Protect

  • Go the distance
  • Best wearing comfort
  • Maximum riding fun even with a full backpack
The big brother of the BA2 not only comes with more volume for your complete equipment but also doubles the distance opportunity with the additional compartment for e-bike batteries. The battery is stored firmly and stable without slipping making long distance day trips no problem.
Price $ 199.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 189,95 (With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

BA3 E Protect
All-Mountain/Trail, MTB-Touring, Enduro, E-MTB
1060 g*
One Size
Incl. back protector BP100
approx. 15 + 2 l
Nylon, Polyester
Rain Cover
$ 199.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 189,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


Battery Storage Play it safe

The battery holder is compatible with all common battery types. The BP100 back protector sits directly behind it, protecting the rider on the E-MTB from battery impact in the event of a fall.

Ergon BA3 E Protect-backpack with battery storage for all common battery types.

A Space for Everything Organizational pockets and compartments

The pack is divided into a main compartment with a foldable, fleece-lined inner pocket and a fleece-lined goggles pocket as well as a battery holder, a large front pocket with compartments for 2 pumps, 5 small mesh pockets for tools as well as 2 larger zipped pockets and an elasticated hip pocket. The extra pocket on the back of the BA3 offers space for the back protector (BP100) and a drinking bladder (BH300).

Ergon BA3 E Protect-backpack with many practical pockets inside.

Back Protector included Safety first

The super light back protector (140 grams) is compatible with most Ergon backpacks. Due to the compact and flexible design, fast movements are possible without restriction. The BP100 adapts to the shape of the back and follows the rider’s body movements. It consists of a three-layer construction made of foam-laminated EPS for maximum safety even on the E-MTB. Developed, manufactured and certified in Germany.

Ergon backpack BA2 E Protect including back protector BP100.

Back Cushion Comfortable and ventilated

Padding that is both comfortable as well as ventilated ensures maximum support to contact locations as well as excellent ventilation of the back.

Ergon BA2 backpack with comfortable back padding.

Flap for Full Face Helmet Helmet storage with camera holder

The Ergon BA3 E-Protect offers a compartment for half-shell and full-visor helmets. Additionally, the pack comes with a rear mount for attaching action cameras.

Ergon BA3 E Protect backpack with compartment for half-shell and full face helmets.

Hip Belt Extremely close to the body

The wide hip belt fixes the backpack ergonomically and thus prevents the shoulder straps in the chest area from deviating outwards. The elastic strap has an additional compartment in which mobile phone, keys and other small items can be stowed within easy reach at all times. If necessary, the hip belt can be shortened to the desired length without any problem.

Ergon BA3 backpack with ergonomic hip belt.


  • EMTB 06/2021 Ergon BA3 E Protect; Verdict/Points: Excellent/50
    Lashes replacement batteries super tight and secure.

    – EMTB 06/21

  • MountainBIKE
    One of the top day-trip backpacks since its introduction, the ergonomics experts now have optimized it for E-bikers with an extra battery compartment.

    – MountainBIKE 02/2018, mark: 22 v. 24 points

  • EMTB
    One of the top day-trip backpacks since its introduction, the ergonomics experts now have optimized it for E-bikers with an extra battery compartment.

    – EMTB 02/2018, mark: 22 v. 24 points


Perfect fit for every back

One size fits all. With the completely revised 4-way adjustable carrying system, the back length of the pack can be easily adjusted to fit sizes S to XL.

Ergon BA2 backpack with 4-way adjustable carrying system.

Adaptive Carrier System

The „Adaptive Carrier System“ distributes the load compression ergonomically to the rider. This allows the pack to sit close to the rider’s body during every maneuver on the MTB. The self-adjusting, harness support pulls the lower part of the backpack over the shoulder straps to the body, making the fit ergonomically ideal for the anatomy of every rider. Additionally, the hip belt can be shortened to the desired length as required.

Ergon BA2 E Protect backpack with Adaptive Carrier System.

Ergonomically shaped aluminum rail

The pre-shaped, flexible aluminum molded rail allows the pack to sit ergonomically against the back. This plate can be fine-adjusted at anytime with little effort.

Ergon BA2 backpack with flexible aluminium shaped rail.

Self-adjusting shoulder straps

The free moving, adjustable Ergon shoulder straps optimally follows the body shape of each rider. A special load compression guarantees a stable connection of the pack, even at the lower back. With aluminium D-rings the construction is particularly robust.

Ergon BA2 backpack with self-adjusting shoulder straps.


„I don’t care if it rains, if the sun shines or whatever: As long as I ride my bike, I’m the happiest person on earth.“

— Mark Cavendish