SMD2 Comp

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SMD2 Compstealth / oil-slick

  • Made for Downhill
  • Developed with world-class professionals
  • Oilslick optics
Pimp your ride! The SMD2 Comp comes with impact resistant CroMo rails in Stealth/Oil Slick and Stealth. Developed with professionals for optimal control of the bike throughout the most demanding downhill terrain. The saddle provides full freedom of movement, 360° padding, carbon composite saddle shell, anti-slip surface. Made for Downhill.
Price $ 89.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 99,95 (With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

SMD2 Comp
Length: 256 mm
Width: 124 mm
215 g*
One Size
Stealth / Oil-Slick
Carbon Composite
Microfiber with Anti-Slip Surface
360° Edge Padding
$ 89.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 99,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.


100% Downhill

The SMD2 is designed to guide the bike on the track and in the air. The entire surface design is adapted to the inclined orientation of the saddle, allowing the rider complete freedom of movement downhill.

Ergon SMD2 saddle with diagonal alignment for full freedom of movement.

Durable and slip-resistant

Thanks to the anti-slip surface, you have optimum support and control if seated. In addition, the SMD2 has a durable and easy-care microfiber cover that holds up throughout the most demanding conditions. The shape of the saddle corresponds to the typical downhill motion sequence – for a smooth descent.

Ergon SMD2 saddle with anti-slip surface for a smooth ride.

360 degree padding

The outer edge padding of the SMD2 series ensures maximum protection and best leg guidance when riding. This feature also reduces discomfort to the inner thigh.

Ergon SMD2 saddle with 360 degree all-round padding.

Freedom for the tires

The saddle has an extra-flat, short rear without edges. This provides maximum tire clearance when the rear suspension is compressed, allowing for the saddle to be mounted at maximum depth.

Ergon SMD2 saddle with spring-loaded rear suspension for maximum tyre clearance.


  • Tahnée Seagrave, Downhill Worldcup Pro Athlete “To me control means, being in control with my bike and my body as well as my mind. Control is especially important when it comes to downhill.” Tahnée Seagrave, Downhill Worldcup Pro Athlete


  • Rider Addict
    “Still like new after months of use!”

    – Rider Addict 02/2018

  • Rider Addict
    “Has perfect shape for diagonal mounting; flanks of saddle top for guiding the bike.”

    – Velomotion PraxisTest 12/2017, Kategorie „MTB-Parts”, Note: „sehr gut“

    “It’s a good way to get the bike over the saddle.”

    – GRAVITY 04/2017

  • pinkbike
    “The SMD2 delivers what it promises, and does so in a special way. Anyone who thinks saddle choice is unimportant downhill will change their mind with this product.”

    – pinkbike 11/2016

  • Fabien Barel
    “My first impression of the SMD2 prototype concerned the dimension. Exactly the right length, especially at the saddle nose for better control plus the grip and the stability of the rear surface. I could move freely, but had lateral contact with the inner leg when necessary. These were definitely the key facts for me.”

    – Fabien Barel, 3-facher Downhill-Weltmeister