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  • Ultimate comfort featuring 4 intuitive grip positions
  • Dynamic gripping technology reduces strain on the upper body
  • Rigorously tested and proven to be back-friendly
Welcome to the future of ergonomic multi-position grips with the GT1! Our revolutionary design allows for dynamic gripping, with an intuitive adjustment of hand and arm positions that actively relieves strain on the upper body. The extra-large ergonomic wing provides maximum comfort in the wing grip position, while the upturned grip end with its bar-end-like outer grip position increases the contact surface and eases strain on the wrist and arm. With a new thumb rest for slip resistance and reduced gripping forces, the brake levers maintain their full functionality. Plus, our newly created palm position allows for variable pressure distribution and relaxation, making the GT1 the perfect companion for longer rides. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to the GT1 - your faithful riding partner for every position!
Price $ 44.95 (Without VAT**)

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Technical Specifications

Touring, E-Touring, City
255 g*
$ 44.95 (Without VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.


Dynamic Grip The GT1 - the ultimate solution for ergonomic comfort on any ride.

Ergon has raised the bar for comfort and ergonomics with the GT1. Its revolutionary multi-position grip effortlessly adjusts to your hand and arm positioning, providing active relief for your upper body. The generously sized ergonomic wing ensures maximum comfort in the standard grip position, while the outer grip position, similar to a bar-end, further eases tension in the wrist and arm. With the GT1, the next position is always the best!

Wing Handle Position Experience ultimate comfort with our largest wing design.

The GT1 redefines ergonomic design. The extra-large wing evenly distributes pressure and offers optimal support for your wrists. Say goodbye to constrictions and numbness in your fingers, as our design ensures the sensitive ulnar nerve is spared. No more aching hands - the GT1 has you covered.

Thumb Up Position (Thumb Rest) Thumb up

Introducing our newest addition to our products - the ergonomically integrated thumb rest! This innovative feature not only offers maximum slip resistance and reduced gripping forces, but also allows for a comfortable changing position. Say goodbye to pressure on the ball of your thumb and hello to relaxed hands. This is perfect for those long tours without compromising the function of the brake levers.

Outside Grip Position Relaxation with full control

The bar-end-like position of the outside grip offers significant relief for the wrist and arm. This allows for a versatile hand placement that alleviates pressure and fatigue. As a result, your hands remain relaxed and free from pain, even during lengthy trips. Moreover, the upturned grip end enlarges the contact area and promotes a more natural hand posture, enhancing both comfort and stability.

Ball Of The Hand Position Longer-lasting enjoyment while riding by keeping your hands relaxed on the balls of your palms.

Our ball hand position offers an additional gripping option that provides better pressure distribution. This flexible hand position is designed to alleviate pressure points and prevent fatigue, keeping your hands relaxed and pain-free during those extended rides. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to an ergonomic adjustment that will enhance your biking experience.

Secure Grip Grip clamp integrated into the end of the grip

The GT1 boasts a fully integrated outer clamp that seamlessly blends into the grip. The screw clamp opening is conveniently situated on the underside, ensuring a smooth and rubberized handle without any sharp edges. This clever design enables a secure grip in all mentioned positions.

Skin-friendly Materials SGS-certified rubber compound - Made in Germany

We understand that many people prefer to ride without gloves. We recognize the importance of ensuring that the material used in our products is free of harmful substances, particularly those that come in direct contact with the skin. That's why we make sure to thoroughly test and verify the composition of our materials. Your safety and comfort are our top priorities.

20 Years Of Hand Ergonomics Experience Innovative products for the perfect riding experiences

For two decades, Ergon has been at the forefront of creating ergonomic bicycle accessories, including saddles, grips, and gloves. In 2004, the company's groundbreaking invention, the wing grip, set a new standard in bicycle ergonomics and has since sold millions of units. Through ongoing development and refinement, Ergon has harnessed the power of cutting-edge processes to optimize their grips, effectively alleviating common discomforts like tingling and numbness by distributing pressure more evenly and providing adjustable angles. These innovative products have consistently proven their worth, earning numerous test victories and providing cyclists with unparalleled comfort and hand protection.


Distributes pressure, protects the nerves

While cycling, a significant portion of the body's weight is supported by the hands grasping the handlebars. This results in intense pressure being concentrated on a small area of the grip. Unfortunately, this can lead to compression of the delicate ulnar nerve, located near the surface of the skin in the base of the little finger, causing uncomfortable numbness. However, the unique wing-shaped design of the GT1 handlebars, perfectly contoured to fit the hand, effectively distributes the weight over a larger surface area, preventing any discomfort.

A straight wrist prevents discomfort

Did you know that sharply bending your wrist while cycling can have negative effects on your nerves, tendons, and blood vessels? This can result in a narrowed carpal tunnel and potential damage to the median nerve. However, with our GT1 ergonomic wing design, your wrist will be supported in a gentle and straight position, effectively preventing issues such as painful wrists, numbness in the fingers, tingling, and even carpal tunnel syndrome.

Two sizes for optimum pressure distribution

It is crucial to properly distribute pressure on your handlebars to avoid any discomfort. To achieve this, it is recommended to not fully enclose the grip with your hand. That's where Ergon's GT1 comes in, available in "Small" and "Large" sizes. The key distinction between the two is the thickness of the grip. This means that a thicker grip is ideal for those with larger hands, while a thinner grip provides better advantages for smaller hands. Not only does this offer optimal form fitting, but it also ensures maximum control over your bike for added safety.

Tested back-friendly: Healthy Back Campaign

Back pain is the most common health issue that affects cyclists. However, there is a solution. Our GT1 grip has undergone extensive testing by a team of medical professionals, including doctors, orthopedists, and physiotherapists, who have officially recognized its back-friendly benefits. In fact, the GT1 handle has been awarded the AGR seal of approval by the "Aktion Gesunder Rücken" (Campaign for Healthier Backs).