GP1 BioLeder

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GP1 BioLeder

  • Organic leather from the Allgäu
  • No more sore wrists
  • No more numb fingers
The original award-winning wing grip for touring and fitness cycling available in an exclusive tanned-leather version. Our GP Series of grips has been the worldwide benchmark in winged grips for more than a decade and rise to the top of grip testing editorials. Leading the industry in performance, materials and manufacturing to prevent numb fingers and discomfort in your hands and forearms.
Rohloff® / Nexus®
Clamp Color
Price $ 99.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 99,95 (With VAT**)

Technical Specifications

GP1 BioLeder
Touring, E-Touring, Fitness, City
220 g*
100% Recyclable Aluminum
Clamp Color
$ 99.95 (Without VAT**)
€ 99,95 (With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. Weight per pair. **Price can vary by country.


Leather from the Allgäu Naturally tanned and untreated

The highlight of our Performance Comfort series features the highest quality materials. The GP1 BioLeder uses naturally tanned leather from the Allgäu region with untreated, open-pored surface and individual natural characteristics.

Natural tanned leather from the Allgäu.

Innovative Processing Developed with London leather manufacturer

The naturally tanned Allgäuer leather for the GP1 is processed with gentle care. This is done using a new type of process that Ergon developed in cooperation with the renowned London leather manufacturer Quoc Pham, named after its founder.

The Ergon GP1 bioleather has been developed in cooperation with the renowned leather manufacturer Quoc Pham.

Playing it safe Locked down for safety

The GP Series clamping system is extremely secure and easy to mount. Each grip is tightened with only one bolt to reliably secure its position and to prevent twisting. Another important safety feature is that Ergon’s aluminum clamps are cold forged and not extruded – resulting in a much stronger structure.

The grip clamp of the GP1 in the outside of the grip.


Nerve relief

When riding, your hands support a lot of your upper body weight on the handlebars, placing high pressure on a relatively small grip area. In many cases this pinches the extremely sensitive ulnar nerve that runs near the base of the palm near the pinky and close to the skin’s surface – often causing numbness. The wing grip increases the hand’s supporting area by distributing pressure over a wider surface and thereby preventing discomfort.

Durch starke punktuelle Belastung wird der Ulnarnerv abgeklemmt. Der Flügel schützt den Ulnarnerv und beugt somit Taubheitsgefühlen in den Fingern vor.

Ergonomic solution

If your wrist is bent too much for too long, nerves, tendons and blood vessels are compressed. The result is the carpal tunnel channel is constricted, which could damage the median nerve. Long rides and fatigue make it even harder for the rider to maintain a correct and healthy posture. The wing design of our GP grips gives the hand more support and automatically puts the wrist into a more ergonomic position, preventing numbness, tingling and pain.

If the wrist is bent too much, the carpal tunnel is jammed. The solution is provided by the wing grip: it optimally aligns the wrist and thus stretches the carpal tunnel.


  • Trekkingbike
    “Hand flatterer. The large contact surface of the handle supports a straight position of the wrist and minimizes punctual pressure.”

    – Trekkingbike 01/2018

  • Trekkingbike
    “A long time favourite retrofit to increase comfort on the bike and prevent numb hands. Give the bike a classy look.”

    – Trekkingbike 03/2017

  • Cycle – Zeitschrift für gute Fahrräder
    “[…] it’s like it’s moulded from one piece, fits your hand like a glove. Great pressure distribution.”

    – Cycle 04/2016

  • VSF..all-ride, zertifiziert für 2016-2019 in der Kategorie „Beste Haptik“
    “Best Haptics”

    – VSF..all-ride, certified for 2016-2019, in test: 10 handlebar grips, 3 of them excellent.


“Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.”

— John F. Kennedy