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Find your recommended Ergon saddle.

SC Core Prime Women

Off we go! Whether in the city or out for the day – you’ll ride in total comfort on the SC Core Prime. You’ll enjoy the ride like never before. Vibrations and road shock? Gone! The ergonomic core absorbs it all! Lower back problems? The ergonomic core follows the natural movements of your pelvis to help keep the lower back loose and in motion. Numbness in your perineal area? You can forget that thanks to a relief channel specially designed for women. The SC Core Prime Women will let you add up the miles and smiles – guaranteed!
Price $ 149.95(Without VAT**)
€ 149,95(With VAT**)

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Ingenious Working Principle

Floating ergonomic saddle core

When pedaling, your weight is continuously shifted from one sit bone to the other – with the highest stress on the pedal-up side, where your body weight is focused and high pressure occurs. This localized pressure is noticeably reduced by the Ergon Core: Through the suspended Core design and the high-end material properties the bike saddle has the ability to adapt to every pelvic motion when pedaling – enormously enhancing comfort.

Innovative Material – Infinergy®

Cycling as if on clouds

The innovative material Infinergy® by BASF is a new benchmark in suspension and damping in the field of cycling. The elastic seat core supports the pelvic motion when pedaling, absorbs shock and offers relief for your back. When pressure compresses the saddle’s core, consisting of thousands of foam spheres, it will immediately rebound into its original shape – even after a prolonged period of compression. All over the globe leading running shoe manufacturers are also using this E-TPU-foam with great success.

Technical Specifications

SC Core Prime Women
City, Touring
BASF Infinergy® (E-TPU / Closed Cell Particle Foam)
Nylon Composite
Light FeC Steel
Orthopedic Comfort Foam
women specific
$ 149.95(Without VAT**)
€ 149,95(With VAT**)

**Price can vary by country.

Genius in Motion

The Dynamic Saddle With Ergonomic Core. Prevents Numbness in the Soft Tissue Area, Reduced Sit Bone Pressure, Medical Back Support and Floating Motion Support.

Relief of the seat areas through flexibility of the saddle.

Certified back-friendly

Dorsal and back pain is currently one of the most common human health issues. Naturally this also effects and compromises the enjoyment of riding your bike. The positive effect of the Core saddle series’ working principal, in regard to back issues, has officially been confirmed by a group of interdisciplinary experts (health professionals, orthopedists and physical therapists) in a long-term certification process. It works!

As the first bike saddles ever, the 2020 Ergon Core models have been awarded with the seal of quality called “Campaign for Healthier Backs“ by the Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living and Federal Association of German Back Schools.

SC Core Prime: Tested and recommended by the Forum Gesunder Rücken – Besser Leben e.V. and the Bundesverband deutscher Rückenschulen (BdR) e.V. (Federal Association of German Back Schools).

Revolutionary Saddle Construction

The floating TwinShell concept with the Ergonomic Core supports the natural pelvic movements while pedaling, actively relieves the sit bones, and reliably dampens bumps caused by the riding surface.

Conventional Saddle Construction
  1. Seating Shell
  2. Shell with rail
Revolutionary Saddle Construction
  1. Soft Orthopedic Comfort Foam
  2. Flexible Upper Seating Shell
  3. Ergonomic Core made of BASF Infinergy®
  4. Lower, stiff carrying shell with rail

Maximal Comfort for Men and Women

In addition to the construction of the saddle, the gender specific form of the seating area is also brand new. In the genital area, men and women differentiate strongly. It is most often in this area that pressure points lead to numbness and difficulties while riding.

Ergon has designed the relief surfaces using the latest scientific research and extensive testing. The results are gender specific shapes and relief channels – creating maximum comfort for women and men.

Relief channel lies in the front area of the saddle
Women specific
relief channel lies in the rear area of the saddle
Men specific

The Right Size

The shape and size of the saddle must match the sit bone width of the rider to maximize comfort and enjoyment.

The pelvic bone has a unique V-shaped and the saddle must offer the sit bones a large contact surface with the ability to meet the demand of different sitting positions. Various saddle widths are offered so that the usable seat surface corresponds to the riders unique sit bone distance.

The more forward and aggressive the rider sits, the further forward the sit bones contact the saddle.

Small/Medium: 9–12 cm; Medium/Large: 12–16 cm