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BP1 Protect

Less Risk, More Fun! The BP1 Protect is not only perfect for gravity racing but also great for bikepark use. The heart and soul of the BP1 Protect is the BP100 pack protector, which is also produced by Ergon. The BP1 Protect combines effective protection with usefull storage space for items such as a mini-tool, spare tube, and the Ergon BH150 (1.5 Liter) bladder.

The BP1 Protect offers a revolutionary fit to the rider thanks to the self-adjusting shoulder straps. The 5-Position back length and elastic chest strap provide unlimited adjustment. Instead of a traditional waistbelt, the BP1 Protect has a short-cut waist belt so it can be worn higher, which also makes this a suitable pack for smaller riders. Depending on preference, it can also be under the jersey for a unnoticeable appearance.

This Product is not available in the US and Canada.
Price $ 119.95(Without VAT**)
€ 119,95(With VAT**)


  • Best protection, minimum weight
  • Everything you need
  • Practical storage space


The back protector

Safety first

The BP1 Protect comes with the lightweight BP100 level 1 back protector. It weighs 140 grams, forms to the shape of the back and guarantees maximum protection. The BP1 is developed, manufactured and certified in Germany.

he Ergon back protector BP100 fits perfectly into the BP1 Protect.

Practical features

Space for the essentials

Although the BP1 Protect was primarily designed as a back protector, it offers space for the essentials. The extra fold-out compartment allows space for both a 1.5 liter hydration bladder and the BH150 back protector. Additional storage is added with a small mesh pocket on the back as well as two elastic hip pockets. The waist belt features an easy access pocket perfect for keys or other small items.

Although the Ergon BP1 Protect is small, it offers enough space on the bike for everything important.

Extra protection

Uncompromising safety

The lower portion of the back protector is extended to further protect the coccyx. This feature allows protection of the full spine without compromising mobility.

At the lower part the Ergon BP1 Protect is extended.

Waist belt

Secure to the body

Instead of the classic hip belt, the BP1 Protect has an individually shortenable waist belt. This allows the belt to be worn higher and provides a better fit for smaller riders. The wide waist belt ergonomically secures the backpack and prevents it from moving away from the body.

The hip belt of the Ergon BP1 Protect in the close-up.

Almost invisible

Fits comfortably under your jersey

The BP1 Protect’s minimal and practical design fits comfortably under your jersey. This feature combines the comfort and safety features of a lightweight back protector with the practical storage needs of a backpack.

The Ergon BP1 Protect can also be worn under the jersey.


  • Cycleholix Magazin
    “BP1 – less is more!! Exactly the right product for people who do not want to do without a back protector and minimal tool equipment, but who do not want to carry an unnecessarily large backpack. For us a worthwhile investment. The BP1 gives a good feeling. Nothing slips, nothing pinches.”

    – Cycleholix Magazin 04/2017

  • Design & Innovation Award 2017 by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine
    “With the BP1 Protect, Ergon closes the gap between a protector backpack and a simple back protector and thus creates the perfect companion for bike park visits, enduro races or even the classic after-work round.”

    – Design & Innovation Award 2017 by Enduro Mountainbike Magazine

  • Bike
    “Half backpack, half protector. The BP1 can be worn almost invisibly underneath the jersey and still carry the necessary gear.”

    – BIKE 06/2017

  • Prime Mountainbiking Magazine
    “The BP1 Protect sits perfectly on your back thanks to the many adjustment options, and thanks to its low weight you hardly notice it when riding.”

    – PRIME Mountainbiking MAGAZINE 02/2017


From XS to XL

In order for a back protector to be effective, it must fit perfectly. To ensure both comfort and safety, the BP1 Protect is available in two different sizes. Additionally, the 5-fold adjustable carrying system allows the back length to be easily adjusted to meet the sizing needs from XS to XL.

The special carrying system of the Ergon BP1 Protect is 5-fold adjustable.

Self-adjusting shoulder straps

The movable, self-adjusting Ergon shoulder straps perfectly align to the shape of the rider’s body. The elastic chest strap can further secure the pack close to the body.

The shoulder straps of the Ergon BP1 Protect follow the body shape of the rider.


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Technical Specifications

BP1 Protect
Downhill, Freeride, Gravity Disciplines
565 g*
BP100 included
$ 119.95(Without VAT**)
€ 119,95(With VAT**)

*Weights may vary in production. **Price can vary by country.

Perfect Fit Backpack

  1. Self adjusting shoulder straps
  2. 5-times adjustable back length
  3. New compression based carrying system

Backpack Hydration System

The compact hydration system has a horizontal design. This allows for a very stable connection to the lower back and optimum weight distribution.

Size Guide: Ergon Backpacks

Custom fit is also important when fitting a backpack to the rider. Ergon backpacks are available in two sizes to fit various rider sizes, have a four-back length adjustment, self-adjusting shoulder straps, the load-compression “Adaptive Carrier System” and a customizable aluminum lower back mold rail. The size of the backpack is determined based on body size and clothing size.

Body Height: < 180 cm/5.11" > 180 cm/5.11"
T-Shirt Size EU: XS–L L–XXL
Shoulder Straps: Small Large