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Welcome to the GP‍-‍Series

Discover a new level of comfort

No pain, no tingling, no numbness: Touring and Fitness cyclists worldwide swear by the Ergon grips of the GP series. Optimally adapted for the hand, made with the purest materials from Germany, easy installation - countless awards prove: This is the pinnacle of comfort.

Improved Pressure Distribution

Stark belastete Nervenbahnen sind auf einer Hand schematisch in rot hervorgehoben.
The pressure point area where the small finger meets the palm often leads to a cross-compression of the Ulnar Nerve. Nerve damage becomes apparent in form of numbness in the little finger and the outer area of the ring finger. In the case of prolonged riding, this can also lead to a limited movement of the entire hand.
Kaum belastete Nervenbahnen sind auf einer Hand schematisch in grün hervorgehoben.
The answer is precise support in the area of the ball of the thumb and to distribute hand pressure wide on the handlebar.

Hand Position Adjustments

Schematische Darstellung einer zu starken Krümmung des Karpaltunnels.
Substantial bending of the wrist can cause the nerves to become pinched or inflammed, eventually leading to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is characterized by a burning pain in the hand or forearm. It can also cause sensory disturbances.
Schematische Darstellung einer kaum vorhandenen Krümmung des Karpaltunnels.
The corrected hand position relieves pressure on the nerve and eliminates pain and discomfort. Preventing possible injuries to the wrist.

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The original. The GP1 revolutionized the bicycle grip.