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Downhill VS Enduro—Fischbach and Prokop

Separation of Spirits

After the UCI (Union Cyclist Internationale) dropped Four Cross (4X) from the World Cup in 2010, many 4X Racers became like little kids who just got their toys stolen. Johannes Fischbach and Michal Prokop did not hang their heads. Instead they searched for alternative disciplines and new challenges.

  • Michal Prokop

    Michal Prokop (Czech Republic)

    The Czech native, born in Prague, got the name “Czech-King-of-Cycle“ for good reason. With three World Champion titles, two World Cup Series titles, and 10 World Cup wins, he became a living legend. After the cancellation of the 4X World Cup, the enduro format was the perfect option for him and his injured ack. With several victories in Europe, he has already established himself in the enduro scene.

  • Johannes Fischbach

    Johannes Fischbach (Germany)

    Fischi, the next German hope in the Downhill scene has also had success in 4X. With 4 German Champion titles and several podiums in the 4X World Cup he’s always the man to watch. Having now changed his focus to Downhill, he already can claim the fastest time at the German Championships in 2012. Currently he battles in the Downhill World Cup Series for every second and celebrates his numerous victories at the IXS European Downhill Cup.

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Photos: Karsten Grobe, Thomas Dietze