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New Products 2018

New Products 2018

New Ergon products are coming soon

News from the Ergonomics Laboratory

With the Ergon Core, the SM Women and the SR Women Ergon presents three complete new product lines for 2018. Based on years of experience, scientific approach, and a clear product design goal, the products are designed precisely to their respective applications. With other exciting new products, like the GA3 and the GA2 Fat grips the Ergon product portfolio advances.

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ST Core

The ergonomic saddle revolution for touring bikes ensures maximum long-distance comfort for men and women. The floating TwinShell concept with the Ergonomic Core supports the natural pelvic movements while pedaling, actively relieves the sit bones, and reliably dampens bumps caused by the riding surface.

The core constists of the latest E-TPU material, bringing state of the art technology in responsiveness and damping. The anatomically adapted seating area has been optimized in elaborate studies and feld tests for men and women. Thanks to the significant relief channel, numbness and pain are effectively prevented.

The new ST Core Ultra saddle is tailored in detail to the needs and requirements of touring and e-bike riders around the world.

SR Women Series – Race

SR Pro Women

The right saddle for road cyclists. In the average female anatomy, the pubic symphysis (front cartilage connecting the two halves of the pelvis) is positioned lower by a quarter than in a male pelvis, and the angle of the pubic bones towards each other is wider. Furthermore, mobility is higher in women, so when in the saddle, their pelvis often rocks further forwards. This can create high pressure in the genital area.

The centre relief, which is positioned far at the front, as well as the wider saddle flanks (V shaped) help distribute the emerging pressure over the bony structures of the sitting area. Particularly innovative: Relief inlays in the seat and genital area.

Intensely developed and tested by the Canyon//SRAM UCI women’s team, the fastest women in the world.

SR Sport Gel Women

The flawless road bike saddle for women. Flat but still comfortably padded. Shape and relief exactly fit the female anatomy in the typical racing-related sitting position. The genital and seating areas are noticeably relieved by means of large gel pads.

The SR Sports Gel Women is optionally available in Berry colour choice with matching free handlebar tape including end plugs.

SM Women Series – MTB

SM Women

MTB saddles for women – completely rethought. The anatomical characteristics of the female pelvis were analysed in the course of long-term studies, and the results led to a new saddle design. CNC-milled prototypes allowed the Ergon developers along with the girls of the Ergon Factory Rider Team to gain valuable feedback, thereby optimizing the design on the trail.

SM Women saddles offer optimum pressure relief in the genital area and high freedom of movement even in technically difficult terrain.

SM Sport Gel Women

A MTB comfort saddle especially for women providing additional comfort thanks to its large gel pads in the sitting area — for Tours, All-Mountain and Enduro. Maximum relief in the sensitive genital area. Sportive comfort padding, at the rear section and freedom of movement in the typical moderately bent MTB position. Reduced-friction sliding flanks allow quick changes of position.

MTB Gravity – All-Mountain


The way you like it – GA2 with extra thick circumference. Specifically for riders with large hands or high demands for damping. The ergonomic optimized form allows reduced force while gripping, because the grip zones are matched to the hand. The inner construction varies in thickness allowing greater damping.

The GA2 Fat has a superb tactile feel – The super soft, UV-stable rubber compound is exclusively manufactured in Germany for Ergon! This allows greater control even on demanding trails.The inboard clamp allows even more gripping area at the end of the bars, it is completely secure and carbon bar friendly. With replaceable endplug.


The best of two worlds. The new all-mountain comfort grip. This concept combines the relief benefits and wrist support of ergonomic wing grips with the freedom of movement of rounder MTB grips. Experience gained with the GA2 showed that the ergonomically optimised shape allows for low gripping forces; textures are adapted to the grip zones of the human hand; wall thickness of the inner core double butted to increase damping comfort.

The excellent grip is typical for Ergon. The super soft, UV-stable rubber compound is exclusively manufactured in Germany for Ergon! This allows greater control even on demanding trails.

The inboard clamp allows even more gripping area at the end of the bars, it is completely secure and carbon bar friendly. With replaceable endplug.

MTB Gravity – Enduro

GE1 Evo Series

The evolution of the successful GE1. The new rider-oriented, ergonomic grip for wide riser bars. Thanks to the feedback collected from countless riders of the Enduro World Series, the Ergon design team succeeded in further improving the popular GE1 in certain details.

Surface texture is now even more slip-proof and the rubber compound softer, lending constant precise grip. It actively supports the correct torso/forearm position during downhill riding – by rotating the grip area towards the steering axle by 8 % the elbows are automatically outwardly raised!

Forged inner clamp, fully integrated grip end connected to the inner core (Pat. Pending) – this establishes a soft, damping grip edge, and your hand can grip right at the outer edge. Pressure is diminished from the sensitive ulnar nerve, which is located on the outside hand. Compatible with carbon handlebars. The GE1 Slim with lower grip circumference offers a directer steering feel than the GE1.

GE1 Evo Factory

frozen orange

Recommended for: glove sizes Large / X-Large (8,5 – 10,5) or for increased vibration damping

GE1 Evo Slim Factory

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Recommended for: glove sizesSmall / Medium (6,5 – 8,5) orfor preference of smaller diameter grips