ST Core Touring Series

The Dynamic Saddle with Ergonomic Core.

Prevents Numbness in the Soft Tissue Area, Reduced Sit Bone Pressure, Medical Back Support and Floating Motion Support.

GP1 Touring Series

The worldwide standard to prevent numbness and wrist pain for touring cyclists.

ST Touring Series

Extra ergonomics for longer tours. Tremendous seated comfort – for men and women.

The relief channel is located at the front of the saddle.
Women specific
The relief channel is located at the rear of the saddle.
Men specific
Schematic figure: Padded seat area

Anatomic Gel-Technology

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SFC3 Fitness Series

Never Numb.

Pressure-free saddle comfort for fitness bikes, e-bikes and touring bikes.

GP1 BioKork Touring Series



Fitting Box.

More comfort,
more performance,
more fun.

Professional Do-It-Yourself Bike Fitting Kit.

GC1 Touring Series

Developed specifically for upright and back-swept handlebars.

Standard Grip
Ergon Grip
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GP1 BioLeder Touring Series

Proven ergonomics combined with premium materials.

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