The All-Mountain Comfort-Grip with Mini wing

The GA3

More support with more comfort

Why not combine the best? With the GA3, the winged grip has proven its genius to the All-Moun- tain world. The special thing about the GP1’s off-road cousin is, he locks on tight with a lightweight inner clamp. The concept combines all the relief bene ts of the wing and actively supports your wrist. Your freedom of movement and the accompanying bike control remains fully intact. Riding pleasure guaranteed!

But what exactly does the wing do?

Problem: Excessive curvature of the wrist leads to undesired kinks in the carpal tunnel nerve. This results in a burning pain in the hand or forearm.

Solution: By correcting the hand position, the carpal tunnel nerve is relieved and pain is eliminated.

As you can see in the graphic, the winged-grip corrects your hand position and prevents the wrist from bending. Especially when dealing with increasing fatigue on longer journeys, the correct ergonomic position of the hand becomes more and more difficult to maintain. This poor positioning compresses nerves, tendons and blood vessels. The carpal tunnel narrows and numbness and / or sore hands are the result.

Less grip Force

More riding fun

The winged shape gives you the support, comfort and grip you need without limiting your freedom of movement. On demanding trails, you always have control.

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Based on the well-known GA2 Grips, the GA3 was developed with mini wings. As a perfect extension of the GA grip series, the GA3 offers even more comfort on the trail, but also works perfectly on fitness or sporty urban bikes.

  • Schwarzer Griff
    GA3 black
  • Blauer Griff
    GA3 blue
  • Roter Griff
    GA3 red
  • Orangener Griff
    GA3 orange
  • Griff mit Berry-Farbe
    GA3 berry

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